Why Barter

Have you ever thought of what can you do with all those unwanted items lying with you? What to do with the items you have used and no longer requires it?  Here’s your chance to trade up for those items.

Start with posting your items, then bundle them together into one trade for an item of equal or greater value. Then keep trading by bundling in other items with the one you just received. All of a sudden, you have traded up to a valuable item!

At iusebarter, we help you find the right person and match items they are looking for with items you have posted available to trade.   We try to take the guesswork out of trading. We believe that every item has a value and there is no such thing as trash.

"Do your Bit of Good Deed Today"
We have also added a feature through which you can also donate certain items like used Blankets, Clothes, Newspaper, Magazines, toys and other useful items to NGO’s (Non Government Organization’s).  Everyone has a need, why not fill their need with something you don’t use.

Bartering can be done for the fun of it.  How much can you trade up on an item? For the fun of trading you can trade a paperclip up to a car.
or even an expensive items.

The fun part is finding an item that you can trade and keep trading until you achieve your ultimate goal.

How it works?
  1. Prepare a List of Items you don't use or rarely use.
  2. Post your Items on iusebarter.com
  3. Search for items that interest you.
  4. Check your trade offers regularly (on your profile page) to see what other Barterers have offered you.
  5. Only select offers that you would love to have.
Look at the financial side of eliminating clutter:

The most common means of eliminating clutter is selling it online or hosting a sale at a defined location. A sale allows you the honor and privilege of people coming over to your house to snub their noses at “stuff” you worked hard for to buy. Then if someone finds something they want to buy, they talk you down on the price you are asking.

If you analize a home sale or online sale at different websites, here is what you will discover. The average sale will only allow for you to get 5 to 25% of the original purchase price back on an item. In fact, a large portion of the individuals that frequent sales will be vendors or brokers looking for items to resell. They will talk you down on the price so they can make a larger profit.

However, if you look at the bartering system, most individuals who barter, will trade at the 50 to 70% of the original purchase price.  Heck, I’ve even seen 100%+ traded! (For the true entrepreneurs, the above statement might have turned on a light bulb. Go to any of the online resellers sales page, purchase an item for cheap, and then trade it for something you need at a higher value.

Don’t think it’s possible; well, I do it! It doesn’t matter where the item came from or how much you paid for it, what matters is that both parties agree that the items traded are close to equal value.

You might be thinking, well I’ll just put the item on a classified page online or on an auction website. The statistics behind used items that are sold on those sites are only about 25% to 50% of the original price. Again, barter values are generally higher than most means of reallocating your treasures.

Another idea to consider about bartering is that you aren't paying sales or service tax on items that are traded. If you were to go sell items on one of those online message boards or auction sites, what are you going to do with that money you receive? Most likely you are going to turn around and spend it on an item you want and what happens? You pay sales tax. When bartering there is no sales tax involved!

Bartering can be fun and profitable. I assure you, that once you get started, you won’t want to quit whether you are doing it as a hobby or a business. iusebarter.com lets you explore the endless possibilities of trading.

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