Funds​ Donation for NGO

Apart from bartering, we are also working for a good cause. You can fund your unwanted things to NGO through Iusebarter. There are a lot of people who are deprived of what you have, so it is a good idea to raise funds for them and make them happy. We are dedicated to help people all over India, so you can also be the part of this NGO donation website.


 Sell merchandise, mementos, artworks, other NGO Products etc. to raise funds for your NGO (donation for NGO).


·         Start a fundraiser / Funds for NGO that lists what you have on sale

·         Reach out to your supporters via social media and share the fundraiser link

·         Ask them to support the fundraiser by buying items and/or sharing the link with their own network

·         They use our online services.

·         You can also raise funds and spread awareness on iusebarter via selling / exchanging donation tickets for your charity Dinner, artworks, mementos, memorabilia , ticket to events and many more in lieu of their listed products.




·         You reduce the cost of fundraising

·         You multiply your database when supporters reach out to their own networks

·         You raise more funds

·         You raise more awareness for your NGO and cause.


We will let you fund money and things for a good cause to help people from all over India. Fund for NGOs and see the smile on the face of needy people. Trust us, it feels great, when you help someone needy, so let’s work together to make a donation for NGO.

So what are you waiting for, please click our NGO registration link on top right corner of Homepage and register.


Registration of NGO is now open!


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