Please follow below steps:-

  • Prepare a List of Items you don't use or rarely use.
  • Create your account at iusebarter and login to your account.
  • Post your Items on iusebarter.com
  • Search for items that interest you for exchange.
  • Send your Offer to other users.
  • Check your trade offers regularly (on your profile page) to see what other Barterers have offered you.
  • Only select offers that you would love to have.
  • It is advised to Exchange with the user who is close to your locality or is of the same city, so that you can inspect the actual condition of the item and see if you really want to exchange yours with it.
    The moment you indulge yourself in the process of exchanging instead of buying or selling you start saving resources. When we exchange each other’s surplus then those many item are less produced which conserves our natural resources and makes the world a better place.

    Also, You can put a smile on some person's face by Donating a Product you no longer use.
    Items are the individual products listed by a user. 

    Combos on the other hand are combination of more than one item that can be made out of a user’s listed items. You can offer or request combination of more than one item of the same category.
    An exchange request is an offer that you make to another user for any of his listed item or combo of items for any of your listed item or combo. 

    When you find an item of your interest you make an offer with yours and an email will be sent to that user.
    Once sent, an exchange request cannot be edited. You can make another exchange request and ask the user to consider latest one instead of the old one.
    If your exchange request is accepted or rejected you will be notified through email, phone message and notifications on your iusebarter account. 

    Your iusebarter account notifications are visible on the top right corner of your account page.


    Sell merchandise, mementos, artworks etc. to raise funds for your NGO

    • Start a fundraiser that lists what you have on sale
    • Reach out to your supporters via social media and share the fundraiser link
    • Ask them to support the fundraiser by buying items and/or sharing the link with their own network
    • They use our online services.
    • You can also raise funds and spread awareness on iusebarter via selling / exchanging donation tickets for your charity Dinner, artworks, mementos, memorabilia , ticket to events and many more in lieu of their listed products.


    • You reduce the cost of fundraising
    • You multiply your database when supporters reach out to their own networks
    • You raise more funds
    • You raise more awareness for your NGO and cause.

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